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Best Practice Champions

Meet a few of our Best Practice Champions


2017 Best Practice Champions:

  • Kaitlan Laviolette (Nurse Practitioner/BPSO Liaison)
  • Tracy Kamino (Administrator – Faith Manor)
  • Peter Dykstra (Administrator – Grace Manor)
  • Erica Alexander (DRC – Grace Manor)
  • Noreen Frederick (DRC – Faith Manor)
  • Rhea Blekkenhorst (Dietary Manager – Faith Manor)
  • Debbie Donker (Houskeeping/Laundry Manager)
  • Leanne Fernhout (RPN/CQI)
  • Agnes Fernhout (RAI – Faith Manor)
  • Puneet Gill (RAI – Grace Manor)
  • Prudence Blake (Restorative RPN – Faith Manor)
  • Sharan Gill (Restorative RPN – Grace Manor)
  • Dwight Edwards (BSO RPN – Faith Manor)
  • Tanicia Dyer (BSP RPN – Grace Manor)
  • Ashley Elzinga (Activation Staff)

2018 Best Practice Champions:

  • Sellinor Ogwu (Nursing Supervisor/RN – Faith Manor)
  • Justine Dudziak (Activation Manager)
  • Sejal Maheta (Physiotherapist)
  • Sophia Laidley (RPN – Faith Manor)
  • Marichris Gavina (RN – Grace Manor)
  • Winnie Valdez (PSW – Faith Manor)
  • Sandra Chung (PSW – Grace Manor)

Want to learn more?

Are you a nurse or other allied health care professional interested in becoming a Best Practice Champion?

Holland Christian Homes is hosting an upcoming Best Practice Champion Level 1 Workshop on Wednesday November 21, 2018.

To register, check out the RNAO Website for more information about becoming a Champion!