Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Holland Christian Homes! We provide a number of volunteer opportunities in both of our Long Term Care Facilities (Grace Manor and Faith Manor), in the apartments (The Towers), and in other areas of the complex.

Volunteering in the Manors

Volunteer in the Manors

Volunteer opportunities in our two Long Term Care Facilities (Faith and Grace Manors). These are related to nursing care such as dining assistance, activities such as assisting with a bingo game, visiting one to one, and assisting residents and staff in many other different ways. Please click on the picture above to be directed to a list of activities which may be of interest to you. This is not an exhaustive list and we have found that new prospects for volunteering are developed based on the talents or interests that you may have.

Volunteering in the Towers

Helping Hands

People choosing to volunteer in The Towers through The Helping Hands Friendly Volunteer Visiting Program will be spending one-on-one time with tenants throughout the complex. Volunteer activities might include social visits with tenants in their apartments, going for walks around Holland Christian Homes, shopping, light housekeeping or gardening. Click the picture above to find out more information.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Other Opportunities

There are many other volunteer opportunities available in the greater complex, such as helping at the snack bar, or helping plant the many gardens around Holland Christian Homes. To see how you can become involved in other opportunities, please click the picture above.