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Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip

Throughout our lives we all will have experienced some periods of time where life events …or something that is said or done …will make us feel insecure and perhaps somewhat anxious. There is a lot of theory and education that surrounds us about pretty well anything we choose to ‘google’ and investigate these days. There was a cassette tape that I used to listen to years ago that has never left my mind to this very day … and it was called –‘CHANGE YOUR THINKING -CHANGE YOUR LIFE!’ Many seniors having to come into long-term care settings need to retain their own sense of self … and sometimes that can be done by reinforcing what you already know …or what you may need to find out about and practice in your own life.

I believe that there is growth through learning … and insecure feelings about what to say and what to do can cause us reflection …or can cause us to remain inward. We hesitate to understand that this alone can be a catalyst to move forward rather than an uncomfortable or unhappy place to remain in. It is my belief that at most points in our lives when our instincts speak of change – it is our opportunity to emerge through insecurities with a stronger and firm belief in who we are and what we are here to do.

One of the tools many more of us could benefit from using is the art of ‘reflection’ … when reflecting is between only you and no other …than perhaps God. If you are unsure – perhaps you are not recognizing your own value to your family and to others and to the bigger part of your life -the world around you. It would be almost irrelevant to take on what negative chatter may come your way – as you will have developed a strong and stable sense of your own purpose and recognize the value and importance of your own empowerment. That is not to say that you are closed to other’s opinions; however, you can choose to be closed to that which challenges you in a negative fashion. I strongly believe that others who wish to belittle you or cause you emotional pain are they -themselves -who are the insecure person. It is known that bullies often use this ploy in order to find some sense of power over others – as they really don’t sense they have the outcomes they wish for themselves. Belittling and insecure thoughts are unreliable and changeable! Please allow your personal truths to speak louder than that which you hear -to drown out those who are personally attacking your own sense of who you are.

As we are all unique people …we all have our own way of doing and thinking … and the success of that with those who are insecure is that we succumb to the belief that others are criticizing our decisions or thoughts or actions. The answer is to let go of other’s perceptions … as each of our perceptions are our own truth! As we age -we will realize that the ‘smarty pants’ that we were as teens or young adults was an illusion of youth – as it is true that what we live through and learn from will have us realize how little we actually do know. Our perceptions shall be ever changing as is the inevitability of aging. The irony of this is that often aging creates a sense that we are no longer good enough because we become wiser to the pitfalls of youthful righteousness. It sounds contradictory -but an awareness of ourselves often results in the realization that we measure up quite well in this complicated society.

You are the author of your own life… use your knowledge well!

Shirl Hutchinson
RSSW-GER Faith and Grace Manor