Management Team

Administration & Management

Chief Executive Officer
Ken Rawlins
905.459.3333 Ext. 5227
Ken is responsible for the overall operation of Holland Christian Homes and reports to a volunteer Board of Directors.

Vice President of Operations
Tracy Kamino
905.459.333 Ext. 5374

Director of Finance and Administration
Richard Sredzinki
905.459.3333 Ext. 5375

Director of Environmental Services
Robert Marcinkiewicz
905.459.3333 Ext. 5237

Director of Human Resources
Carmen Tsin
905.459.3333 Ext. 5368

Medical & Health Services

Director of Tenant Care
Dawn Serrick
905.459.3333 Ext. 5263

Manors Resident Advocate (formerly known as Social Worker)
Barbara Leja-Plaza
905.459.3333 Ext. 5277

Director of Pastoral Care
Pastor Henk Bruinsma

Business Centre & Administration Office

Our Administration Offices are open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Receptionists receive calls and inquiries from: 8:30am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 9:00pm Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays.

Accounting Manager
Helen Bloemendal
905.459.3333 Ext. 5226
Helen is responsible for overseeing all financial accounts and reports to the CEO.

Accounting Clerk
Oksana Yakmova
905.459.3333 Ext. 5235
Oksana is responsible for HCH accounts payable, promissory notes and investment concerns.

Accounting Assistant
Sara VanVliet-Rogers
905.459.3333 Ext. 5211
Sara is responsible for the monthly rent payments (pre-authorized / post-dated cheques) Gamma DynaCare, I.N.R. and whirlpool billings as well as locker allocation and billing.

Maintenance Supervisor
Omer Rodgers
905.459.3333 Ext. 5286

Administrative Assistant
Fran VanVliet
905.459.3333 Ext. 5276
Fran prepares all new tenant leases, yearly lease renewals, changes to lease information, Meals on Wheels billing, and meeting/party room rentals (other than the Family Room in Grace Manor).

Faith Manor Dietary Manager
Judy Kirby, CNM
905.459.3333 Ext. 5240

Dietary Manager, Grace Manor
Rohit Sharma
905.459.3333 Ext. 5260

Activation Manager, Faith & Grace Manors
Justine Dudziak
905.459.3333 Ext. 5233

Laundry & Housekeeping Manager
James Abraham
905.459.3333 Ext. 5239

Housekeeping Supervisor
Carol Overzet
905.459.3333 Ext. 5273

Volunteer Coordinator
905.459.3333 Ext. 5225

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