Manors Admission Process

Welcome to Faith and Grace Manor

In partnership with residents, tenants, caregivers and families, HCH provides a safe, professional, caring community for seniors based on traditional Christian values, offering a continuum of care and support while respecting their individuality and dignity.”  Ensuring the safety of our residents and their families is of paramount importance to our front line staff and our leadership team.

At Holland Christian Homes, we are “Here to Care”.

Moving to a Long Term Care Home is a difficult decision for both the resident and the family as it is usually the result of a significant change in health status and a loss of the independent ability to perform the activities of daily living. It involves a major change in the way of life and it often takes a considerable time to adjust to the new environment. Residents are often fearful of the loss of independence that this involves and family members often feel that they have failed to provide care for a loved one.

So, at the beginning of the long term care journey, you may be quite overwhelmed.  Try not to worry, as there will come a time of adjustment.  When and how this happens varies for each person, but it does come.  Once you and your loved one accept this is a viable and workable solution, comfort levels increase.  It is important for healthy coping to allow yourself to acknowledge all your emotions and work through them.  Please know we are here to support and assist. 

We are honoured to serve every new resident (and their family) who choose Faith Manor or Grace Manor as their new home. We are committed to making the long term care experience a positive one.

Faith Manor & Grace Manor:  Long Term Care Homes

Faith Manor and Grace Manor, are two separately licensed long term care facilities run by Holland Christian Homes, and located in Brampton Ontario.  The manors are part of a larger property comprised of 6 independent living buildings, 2 long term care homes, retail space and more. 

Faith Manor has 160 beds and Grace Manor has 120 beds, both offering basic and private accommodations, which allow for privacy, interaction, respect and support for each resident.  Resident rooms are furnished with a hospital bed, closet/wardrobe, dresser and bedside table. We encourage families/residents to personalize the room with familiar items to make it more homelike and comfortable.

Both Manors are licensed, regulated and funded through the Ministry of Long Term Care.  Holland Christian Homes is accredited with Accreditation Canada.  Our homes are also recognized by the Registered Nursing Association of Ontario (RNAO) as Best Practice sites.

A Safe and Caring Place

Faith and Grace Manors support a Zero Tolerance for Resident Abuse and Neglect.  This applies to staff as well as to families and visitors.  Abuse is not tolerated under any circumstance.  Staff are expected to treat everyone with dignity and respect and as an employer, we expect the same for our staff. 

Long term care services are designed for those who can no longer be cared for at home or in an assisted living facility due to illness, injury, frailty, or other limitations.  Our long term care homes provide individualized and coordinated services to residents 24 hours a day/7 days per week to promote independence and maximize quality of life. 

Residents receive assistance, as needed, with personal care and activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting.  Residents receive medical care within the facility as able, including physician support, medication management, laboratory tests, wound care, and end of life care.  Pharmacy services are available, as well as necessary supplies such as incontinence products. 


Residents are provided with 3 meals and 3 snacks daily, along with refreshments.  A dietary team works to identify and support individual needs and preferences such as thickened fluids, pureed or minced diet, and use of nutritional supplements. 


Laundry is collected daily and returned within 72 hours.  Housekeeping for every resident’s room is completed daily, and a deep cleaning is done once a week.  Residents are also offered a wide variety of activities to participate in including such things as bingo, bible study, hymn-sing, pet visiting, and field trips.  Our care is supportive and restorative in nature, meeting residents’ physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Our Team

We employ an interdisciplinary team to provide this comprehensive care and support to residents.  Our team of professionals include:

  • Physicians – Medical Directors, Attending Physicians, On-Call Physicians
  • Nurses – Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Behavioural Support Nurse, Restorative Care Nurse
  • Physiotherapist and Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Social Worker  
  • Spiritual Care/Pastoral Care
  • Recreation Team
  • Registered Dietician & Nutritional Support Team
  • Housekeeping & Laundry Team
  • Administration

We work hard to meet the needs of our residents as quickly and efficiently as possible, to the best of our ability.  However, based on the funding long term care homes receive from the Ministry, we are limited.  Families are always welcome to participate and assist with care when visiting.  Families may also choose to hire private companions for their loved one. 

In addition to paid staff, residents benefit from volunteer support in the area of activation, companionship, feeding, and more.  As Faith and Grace Manors are the resident’s home, there are no visiting hour restrictions for friends and families (provided the resident welcomes the visit and it will not disturb other residents).

Highlights of Faith and Grace Manors

  • We are a Christian community with Christian values and beliefs.  Church services are on site.  Each home offers bible study, pastoral care, communion, and meal devotion. Faith and Grace Manors are also designated by the Ministry as identified cultural facilities, with a large population of Dutch residents.  Efforts are made to preserve the Dutch influences in our homes with regard to food, activities, and decoration. 
  • We employ a philosophy which supports aging in place, offering palliative care and end of life care in our homes.  We encourage residents to consider Faith and Grace Manor their home, and we support them to stay in their home while receiving comfort care through until the end of their life, shall they wish this approach.  
  • The manors are facilities of least restraint, meaning care is done in a manner which avoids use of restraint, unless needed for safety.  Restraints include such things as seatbelts, lap trays, tilt wheelchairs, and bed rails.  
  • We are invested in supporting unique programming for our residents and families to ensure activities are meaningful and purposeful, such as Snoezelen activities. 
  • Residents and families are encouraged to get involved, share their thoughts, participate in decision making, and elicit change and growth, through Resident and Family Councils. 
  • Residents have access to secure outdoor space to enjoy at their leisure.  Residents and families can stay up to date on council meeting minutes, latest inspection reports and the Resident’s Bill of Rights on our Resident and Family Information Boards. 
  • Residents and families have access to retail options, banking services, hairstyling services, as well as a variety of dining options.  The entire property is connected via hallways and tunnels, making it feel like “a community within a community”. 
  • Rooms on the property can be booked for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries and memorials, so family and friends can gather together comfortably.  Out of town visitors can also book a room for overnight stays, allowing visiting to be easy and quaint. 

The Admission Process

Admission to Faith and Grace Manors can only be arranged through the Home and Community Care Support Services-Central West.  When long term care is needed, the HCCSS can be contacted, and an assessment for LTC eligibility can be requested.  If eligible, a Care Coordinator can assist in completing the long term care application including choice of homes.  (Please note, Faith and Grace Manor are separately licensed homes, so if you wish to reside in either home, you should put both homes as options in your selection.)  The HCCSS oversees the admission process, manages the wait list, and is responsible for making a bed offer when an appropriate one becomes available. 

The cost of long term care is determined by the Ministry of Long Term Care.  All homes with the same level designation have the same rates, across the province.  Rates are based on the type of accommodation.  For additional rate information visit Some individuals may qualify for a government subsidy, based on their income, but this only applicable to those in basic accommodation. 

Agreements and Other Services – Upon admission into Faith and Grace Manors, an Accommodation Agreement is signed, which outlines the daily and monthly rate based on the type of accommodation.  This cost covers most living expenses including accommodation, food, nursing care and personal support, medical supplies, as well as laundry and housekeeping. 

A Purchase of Service Agreement is also signed, which acknowledges the availability of additional services, which can be purchased and billed monthly, including television, phone, internet, hair care, advanced foot care and special events/activities.  This agreement also outlines that several health clinics are run routinely in the homes such as hearing, vision and dental clinics, which are an additional cost if participation is desired.  No additional services need to be purchased.  These services are optional.  

Resident Advocate for Faith Manor – 905.459.3333 ext. 5277

Resident Advocate for Grace Manor – 905.459.3333 ext. 5331

Additional Resources

Apply for long-term care

Home and Community Care Support Services – Central West
199 County Court Blvd., Brampton, ON, L6W 4P3
Phone: 905.796.0040
Toll Free: 1.888.733.1177  

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC)

Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE)
2 Carlton Street, Suite 701
Toronto, ON, M5B 1J3
Phone: 416.598.2656 or 1.855.598.2656

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