Social & Physical Activities


Programs & Events

HCH is a beehive of daily activity! Our community members organize a wide range of activities throughout the year with the assistance of our Towers Activity Director. Heritage Hall and Harmony Hall are used for many of our in-house and community events—from guest speakers to exercise classes. Events are posted on bulletin boards in each Tower, on the monthly calendar, on posters, and aired on our in-house television channel Tower TV, channel 990, so you’ll never miss out.

Group Outings

Group outings are a regular highlight for HCH community members! Bus trips to the local mall or special day trips are scheduled throughout each month. If you have an interest to join a trip, sign up early to reserve your seat.

Bible Life and Study Groups

Bible Life and Study Groups meet almost every day of the week, to dig deeper into God’s word and continue in our spiritual growth. New members are always welcome!

Chaplaincy Support

One of the unique hallmarks of Holland “Christian” Homes is in our middle name. As a solidly Christian organization we strive to serve each resident with spiritual care. We recognize God’s guiding hand in each of our lives and that He is sovereign over every square inch of our world. Our pastoral team is very active among tenants and residents, leading worship, making visits to residents and their families, and offering prayer and encouragement.

Group Activities

Our community members are encouraged to involve themselves in the HCH community by joining one or more of a variety of group activities. Throughout the week there are prayer groups, gardening and art clubs, just to name a few.


We value life-long learning! Our HCH libraries consists of a wide variety of English and Dutch titles. Our books are all catalogued, then stored on designated library shelves throughout the various HCH buildings for you to enjoy.

Church Services

“Heritage Fellowship Christian Reformed Church” is a congregation of our own community members. We hold worship services in Heritage Hall every Sunday at 10:00am and 7:00pm, as well as on other significant dates. We encourage all of our community members who are able to attend, to do so. But, these services are also broadcast via Tower TV (channel 990) and via YouTube.

For our Roman Catholic community members, Mass is provided through Saint Mary’s Parish every Monday in Harmony Hall at 10:00am.

Holland Christian Homes was established by Canadians of Dutch heritage. Many of our HCH residents are of the Reformed family of churches, though people of all Christian groups are welcome and have been enfolded into the HCH community. There are many churches in our area who would welcome you to attend and serve!

Tower TV

Our many special events are posted on our in-house television Tower TV (channel 990), so you’ll never miss out!


Fitness Focus

A key component to aging well is physical fitness. At HCH, all residents are encouraged to be involved in a daily routine of exercise, be it walking, stretching and strengthening, or dance—just to name a few! Fitness and fall prevention classes are available throughout the week.

Gym Locations

Gyms are located at various locations throughout the HCH campus, including the King Tower Exercise Room.

Fitness Classes

Fitness groups gather on most days of the week. There’s a fitness format to suit a wide variety of interests. Fitness activities are posted on the monthly calendar found on bulletin boards, posters, here on our website and aired on our in-house television channel, 990.


The Flower City Seniors Centre and Knightsbridge Seniors Centre are dedicated to providing programs and activities for adults 55 and older. Program and activity areas include cards, computer classes, crafts, dance, darts, fitness, and many more. Please visit the link below for more information about the seniors centres and memberships. Find out more.

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