Faith Manor Family Council

Who We Are

The Faith Manor Family Council is made up of family members of Faith Manor residents who meet regularly with the Administration to discuss issues that support comprehensive and compassionate care for the residents.  The Council brings forward recommendations on matters that are important to residents, and also provides feedback on issues that are brought forward from the Administration. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Faith Manor Family Council and how you can get involved, please contact: Lynn VanLieshout-

Mission Statement

The mission of the Family Council is to serve as a support group to promote understanding, sensitivity and caring for the residents. 


Meetings are held via Zoom.

Upcoming meetings:

Scope of the Council

  • Operate in an advisory capacity, recommending on matters that impact Faith Manor residents and their families;
  • Work in partnership with families, residents and Faith Manors administration;
  • Consider issues and concerns that may be relevant to all residents or a group of residents but is not a forum to resolve issues and concerns of one family or resident.

Responsibilities of the Council

  • Represent Faith Manor families
  • Act as a liaison between families, staff and administration
  • Meet regularly with Faith Manor administration to discuss and act on issues and initiatives that have impacted or may impact comprehensive and compassionate care

Staff Representatives

Holland Christian Homes will appoint a Family Council assistant who is acceptable to that Council to assist the Family Council. The current approved staff person is Holland Christian Homes’ Director of Programs and Services.

Department management staff will attend the meetings as required.


Family members, friends, next of kin or power of attorneys of our residents can be members of the Family Council.  Members who lose their family member may continue to be part of Family Council if approved by the Council.

Faith Manor Family Council Executive Team

  • Lynn VanLieshout – Chair

2024 Meeting Minutes

2023 Meeting Minutes


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