Resident Medical Care Team

The Manors Resident Care Team

Administrator, Faith Manor
Aleksandra Grzeszczuk
905.459.3333 ext. 5356
Aleksandra is responsible for the daily operations of Faith Manor.

Director of Resident Care, Faith Manor
Liana Chandran
905.459.3333 Ext. 5236

Administrator, Grace Manor
Justine Dudziak
905.459.3333 Ext. 5255
Justine is responsible for the daily operations of Grace Manor.

Infection Prevention and Control Lead, Faith Manor
Romayne Manners
905.459.3333 Ext. 5360

Infection Prevention and Control Lead, Grace Manor
Parvinder Dheldy
905.459.3333 Ext. 5306

Nurse Practitioner, Faith and Grace Manor
Jenna Shaddick
905.459.3333 Ext. 5261
Jenna provides urgent medical care to the residents at Grace and Faith Manor in addition to the care provided by their primary care doctor.

Director of Pastoral Care
Pastor Richard Bodini

Towers Nursing Office
905.463.7002 Ext. 5249
Nursing staff are available 7 days a week on a 24-hour basis for emergency responses.

Emergency Call Bells
Please use only for true emergencies.
All apartments have emergency call bells in several locations. When you activate these you will hear no sound, but the nursing staff will be alerted by pager. They will respond as quickly as possible and give emergency assistance as needed.

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