Grace Manor Family Council

Working together to improve quality of care and life for residents

Volunteers Needed:
Grace Manor is currently looking for volunteers to assist with feeding residents and to play piano.  If you are interested, contact Volunteer Coordinator Glenda McKay at

Who We Are and What We Do

Grace Manor Family Council is an independent, organized, self-led, self-determining, democratic group composed of the family members and friends of residents.

The role and purpose of the Grace Manor Family Council is to provide:

An organized voice in the decisions affecting resident’s rights, living conditions and lifestyle while living at Grace Manor, Holland Christian Homes (HCH).

  • A forum for mutual support; a respectful, caring and safe environment for family members and friends of residents.
  • A forum to identify areas needed for improvement and to recommend strategies for advances regarding the care and services that are provided to Grace Manor residents. 
  • A forum to share and communicate important information about what is happening in the home and any changes in policies, procedures and administration directly related to resident care.

Unless otherwise indicated, we meet for one hour on the second Tuesday of every month by zoom at 2:00pm.  Agenda items cover topics of common interest.  Agendas/minutes from previous meetings can be found on this site.

Contact Us

Please reach out to join Family Council, to be added to our email list or with any questions you might have. Email us at

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