Living at the Manors

Purpose of the Manors:  “To provide a supportive, caring, quality, Christian environment to preserve the dignity and enhance the quality of life for people who require long-term care from a team of qualified professionals.”

Welcome to Faith and Grace Manors

In 1985, the original Faith Manor opened its doors, and in 2002, Grace Manor followed. A brand new Faith Manor was built and opened in 2021, replacing the old facility. Faith and Grace Manors are fully accredited, 24-hour medical care and nursing facilities. Faith Manor is home to 160 residents and Grace Manor is home to 120 residents. The Manors are a vital component of HCH’s mandate to provide much needed assisted and memory care support for residents.

Long-term care services are designed for those who can no longer be cared for at home or in an assisted living facility due to illness, frailty, injury, or other limitations. A team of licensed and certified nurses, therapists, and health care aides are employed specifically for the well-being of the residents using the multidisciplinary care team approach. The caring staff at our facilities are continually training to meet the needs of people requiring special care. This care is designed to be supportive and restorative in nature, meeting the emotional, spiritual, physical, and social needs of each resident.

Residents of the Manors are provided with meals, air conditioned rooms, laundry, housekeeping, rehabilitation, medical support, a life enrichment program including spiritual care, social and recreational activities, all within the provision of a safe, comfortable, home-like environment.

Social work services are available Monday through Friday in each Manor.

A fulltime Behavioral Support Nurse (BSO) is available in each Manor to support appropriate care-planning and care provision to residents with personal expressions. The BSO Nurse supports staff through the completion of psychogeriatric assessments and subsequent training for staff on best care approaches.

Accreditation and Funding

In addition to meeting Ministry standards, both Manors are accredited by CARF International. This international association sets standards and evaluates organizations, ensuring they constantly move towards excellence. In March of 2024, CARF visited and reviewed Holland Christian Homes for compliance with international standards. As a result of their survey, Holland Christian Homes received a 3-year accreditation with no recommendations. Only 3% of organizations going through A CARF Survey accomplishes this.

All funding for Faith Manor and Grace Manor is determined by the Ontario Ministry of Health with the cost of care being shared by the Ministry and the resident. Therefore, admission to Faith and Grace Manors is determined by an individual’s physician and the Ontario Health at Home team Ontario Health at Home team. Care is provided according to the assessed needs of the resident.

Activities and Outings

Daily social, recreational and physical activities are provided. Our Activities and Recreation staff plan a number of activities designed to satisfy our resident’s needs and interests. These activities include bingo, conversation groups, shuffleboard, painting, rhythm band, daily exercise groups, horticultural therapy, music therapy, sensory stimulation plus a whole lot more! These programs change regularly as resident interests and abilities change. The time and place of these activities is posted on the bulletin board on each Resident Home Area and each resident receives a copy of the activity calendar in their room. Click here to see our monthly calendars.

Local organizations and community groups provide entertainment for your enjoyment. Such events are advertised in the monthly Activities Calendar. Family and friends are welcome on all occasions.

Our Activities and Recreation staff plan regular outings for community events, picnics, tours of the countryside, etc. We facilitate a wheelchair accessible bus for such excursions, and family members are welcome to join, via their personal transportation.

Residents are free to come and go as they wish by signing in and out. For safety reasons residents living on the Secure Resident Home Areas must be supervised and accompanied by a responsible person before leaving the area.

Family Councils

The mission of a Family Council is to serve as a support group to promote understanding, sensitivity and caring for the residents. The Council also serves as a liaison between the families of residents and staff and management with the aim of enhancing the quality of life, safety, and care for all residents of the Manors. Both Faith and Grace Manors have a Family Council and all family members are welcome to attend.

Our Commitment to Resident/Family Safety

Ensuring the safety of our residents and their families is of paramount importance to our front line staff and our leadership team. Please read our Resident/Family Safety Guidelines

Contact Information

Faith Manor is located at 7934 McLaughlin Road South in Brampton. The home can be reached at 905-459-3333.

Grace Manor is located at 45 Kingknoll Drive in Brampton. The home can be reached at 905-459-3333.

Further contact information can be found here.

To report a complaint, you may contact the Long-Term Care Family Support and Action Line at 1-866-434-0144

Church Services and Pastoral Care

Our Pastors/Chaplains at HCH lead the Heritage Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, a congregation of the community of people who are residents in the Towers and the Manors. Our Pastors serve as chaplains to all residents of Holland Christian Homes, including Grace and Faith Manors. We also encourage visits with personal pastors and priests.

Community Involvement/Volunteers

Many organizations, groups and individuals add a dynamic community dimension to the lives of our residents! Volunteers of all age groups contribute regularly to our community at Faith and Grace Manor. They are involved in a variety of activities: meal service, crafts, friendly visiting, pastoral care, office routines, shopping trips, bingo, birthday parties, entertainment, church services, and fundraising. Family members who are interested in volunteering are welcome. Learn more.

The Voice of Every Resident Counts

We are committed to operating our Long Term Care Home with transparency and accountability. We support and encourage ways that provide opportunities for residents to stay engaged in all aspects of Faith and Grace Manors.

Below are opportunities for residents to maintain a degree of control in their care, share in the management and create a voice for all residents.

Residents Council

Both Faith and Grace Manors have a Residents’ Council which meets on a regular basis to discuss challenges, suggestions, plans for special functions and to review administration proposals for changes and improvements. Residents of the Manors are automatically members of the Residents Council, and are welcome to attend all Council meetings.

  • Every resident is invited to join the Residents Council.
  • The Council meets through the year and is for residents only. It provides an opportunity to discuss concerns and suggest improvements.
  • The Council provides a way for residents to use their talents working as a team, and to speak with a common voice.
  • Minutes of meetings are posted on the Resident/Family bulletin boards.

Dining Room Committee

  • Every resident at Faith and Grace Manor is invited to attend the Dining Room Committee.
  • Committee members advocate for all residents by offering suggestions to management on how to improve menu items including providing feedback on the quality, quantity and variety of the food/meals provided.
  • The committee also plans holiday and special event menus!

Care Conferences

  • Care Conferences are held six weeks after moving into Faith or Grace Manor and every year thereafter. Meetings are scheduled in advance to provide residents and families with the opportunity to meet staff from every discipline.
  • Care Conferences not only provide residents and families with up-to-date information about the care being provided, but allow an opportunity to make suggestions for improvements and enhancements to the Care Team.

Care Plan Development

  • Residents’ individualized care plan is created based on evidence-based assessments and best practices. Staff from all departments review and discuss an individual’s care needs to create or modify the care provided.
  • Residents are active participants in the development of their care plan by share your preferences, goals, strengths and concerns with the staff to ensure that these are incorporated into your plan of care. 

Resident Satisfaction Survey

  • An annual Satisfaction Survey allows residents the opportunity to provide feedback on care and services offered.
  • An Action Plan is created based on survey results, to address areas of concern. Residents Council has input into the ideas and implementation of this action plan.

Concern and Feedback Forms

  • Concern forms are accessible throughout the Manors on the Family/Resident Information Boards and provide an additional opportunity for individuals and families to offer feedback and make recommendations on services provided.

Continuous Quality Improvement

The Quality Improvement Committee is an inter-disciplinary team who meet regularly to plan, review, audit and implement changes to improve resident quality of life. This team also sends out Annual Resident and Family Satisfaction Surveys and follows up on all results.

Every voice does matter!  The Quality Improvement Committee is open to hear from residents, families, staff and volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to bring concerns to the team’s attention, share ideas or suggestions on how to improve the quality of life for our residents.

To give input, please contact our CQI and Risk Mitigation Specialist or speak with any Department Manager or Supervisor.  Additionally, “Speak your mind” forms are available on the CQI Bulletin Boards.

Guidelines for Visitors

We believe the presence of family, friends, and the community are important components of a high quality of life for those residing in a Long-Term Care facility. So we’ve established guidelines to facilitate this involvement in order to protect residents, employees, visitors and the community’s right to privacy and confidentiality, as well as the right to be cared for, visited, and work in a safe environment.

Kindly respect our Visitors Policy and Visitors Guidelines when visiting Grace Manor or Faith Manor Long Term Care homes.

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