Fundraising Campaign to Enrich Dementia Care

‘When they start to forget, we won’t forget them’

Today we need your support – through prayer and financial giving – to help us provide our most vulnerable residents with enhanced care and innovative programs that will enrich their day-to-day lives.

HCH works hard to provide a supportive, secure, and caring community for all of our residents. And for those living with dementia, this means doing more than just meeting their clinical needs.

Providing excellent care means connecting emotionally and spiritually with each individual, understanding who each person has been created to be. This greatly enhances quality of life and provides comfort for families and caregivers.

With your support, you will help our community meet this urgent need through:

  • Provide richer experiences – meaningful activities and experiences that are tailored to residents’ interests, like indoor gardening and music, inspire independence and a sense of self.
  • Environmental improvements – physical improvements to the Manors, like murals and art, help to make them feel as home like as possible, creating a calming familiar space for residents.
  • Access to new technology – developments in technology are providing fantastic new opportunities to enhance dementia care. For example, using virtual reality technology designed for those with dementia improves mental health through cognitive stimulation. It allows residents to visit places from their past and go on new adventures that they can experience with loved ones.

With your support this Christmas season, you can help ensure that Grace Manor and Faith Manor are equipped to provide residents with the best possible dementia care.

Our Brothers and Sisters with dementia are complex, valuable, children of God, and every day we do our best to support them in living a full life.

Other ways to make your donation:


To give by phone please call Jeff Fernhout, Development Manager, at (905) 463-7002 ext. 5201


Mail cheques to: Holland Christian Homes
7900 McLaughlin Road South
Brampton, ON L6Y 5A7

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