Your Tower Options

Holland Christian Homes has been located on its 15 acre Brampton site since its first building was completed in 1979. Since then, five additional high-rise apartment towers offering independent residential living units have been built in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. They include Covenant, Hope, King, Peace, Providence and Trinity Towers.


Covenant Tower

Our Covenant Tower was constructed in 1985, has 32 two-bedroom apartments and 84 one-bedroom apartments.  A number of one-bedroom apartments can be tenanted on a rent-geared-to-income plan. Floor plans coming soon.

Hope Tower

Our Hope Tower was constructed in 1982, has a total of 63 two-bedroom apartments and 38 one-bedroom apartments on seven floors.  A number of these one bedroom apartments can tenanted on a rent-geared-to-income plan. View floor plans. Floor plans coming soon.

King Tower

Our King Tower opened in January of 2000.  This tower is 15 stories high and has a total of 112 apartment units.  An underground tunnel connects King Tower to Providence Tower, to avoid winter weather! Floor plans coming soon.

Peace Tower

Our Peace Tower was unveiled in August of 2004. It has 17 floors and a total of 99 apartment units, with an underground tunnel under Kingknoll Drive to Faith Manor and the Covenant Tower. Floor plans coming soon.

Providence Tower

Our Providence Tower opened in 1994.  This building contains a total of 78 two-bedroom apartments and 33 one-bedroom apartments.  A very convenient tunnel under the parking lot connects tenants of Providence Tower to the rest of the complex. Floor plans coming soon.

Trinity Tower

Our Trinity Tower, built in 1979, consists of 4 bachelor apartments and 101 one-bedroom apartments.  Floor plans coming soon.

A Note About Availability

We invite you to identify the tower in which you’d prefer to reside.  However, due to the number of applicants and varying availability, unfortunately not all requests can be honoured.  Your best approach is to apply early!  Wait times for new tenants varies, depending on the type of apartment selected.